En cette semaine de la fête de la fête des pères, soulignons ces papas célèbres qui accomplissent leur devoir paternel avec classe et style…et rappelons-nous ceux qui ne devraient jamais être imités.

Nos coups de cœur? David Beckham qui ne cesse de nous en mettre plein la vue (lorsqu’il n’est pas torse-nu) avec ses vestes ajustées, ses lunettes rétro et son veston de cuir; Hugh Dancy dans son complet à l’anglaise; Will Smith et son utilisation moderne du motif à carreau et finalement, Brad Bitt toujours sophistiqué même dans un ensemble sport.

Ces icônes de style donnent bonne figure à la gente masculine. Malheureusement, il y en a d’autres qui devraient définitivement se regarder dans le miroir avant de sortir.

Sans plus attendre, voici les pères célèbres les plus mal habillés.

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  • Tom Cruise

    The dad to kids Suri Cruise, Isabella and Connor shows us that one should never wear a two-tone Canadian tuxedo. Also, tuck in your shirt!

  • Kevin Federline

    Britney Spears' ex, and father to five children, makes us remember why baggy gym shorts had such a short trendy period back in the '90s. Keep these in the back of your closet. Or better yet, use them for your KFed Halloween costume.

  • Orlando Bloom

    The "Lord of the Rings" star, who has a son, Flynn, with model Miranda Kerr, seems confused on what look he's going for: Is he urban cool? Preppy? Canadian tuxedo lover? We can't tell! Here's a tip folks: Never layer different trends all together.

  • Matthew McConaughey

    We're used to seeing the father-of-three without a shirt on so it's a bit disappointing when the actor shows up at a premiere wearing clashing plaid.

  • Lenny Kravitz

    Okay Lenny, we get that you have a wild side but your daughter Zoe should have told you that those heels just don't match that outfit. Let's see a pop of colour in there.

  • Chris Pratt

    The "Zero Dark Thirty" actor, who has a son with actress Anna Faris, is trying to go for that "I'm too cool to wear a suit so I'm wearing jeans" look but the jeans are too baggy and the suit doesn't fit. Lesson: Get a tailor!

  • Eric Johnson

    Jessica Simpson's baby daddy has no clue about red carpet dressing. Come on, a hoodie?? Go back home and find something decent like a blazer.

  • Sean Parker

    The Napster founder, who has a daughter with wife Alexandra Lenas, obviously didn't realize that his bow-tie was way too big.

  • Jionni LaValle

    Snooki's fiance, who has a son with the reality star, still thinks that distressed jeans look cool. They don't.

  • Johnny Depp

    Five years ago, we would have told you that Johnny Depp was the best dressed man in the world. Today, the dad to kids Jack and Lily Rose probably takes at least an hour accessorizing with his many scarves, jackets and jewels. One doesn't need that many vests!

  • Nick Cannon

    Mariah Carey's hubby, and father to their twins Morrocan and Monroe, thinks he's colour blocking but in reality, he's clashing.

  • Joel Madden

    The Good Charlotte singer, and dad to wife Nicole Richie's kids, is actually scary in that menacing dog shirt. Here's a tip: If your outfit scares your kids, don't wear it.

  • Perez Hilton

    The notorious gossip blogger and new dad likes to show off his new buff bod, but wearing a sheer dress/bodysuit/showgirls costume is not the way to do it.

  • Adam Sandler

    Being a dad doesn't mean you have to stop caring about what you put on your back. We're looking at you Adam!

  • Kanye West

    Okay, technically the rapper isn't a dad yet (girlfriend Kim Kardashian is due in July) but he's almost there. We hope that once the baby is born he loses this heavy coat which belongs on the back of some chic yet crazy fashion editor at Vogue Russia.

  • Usher

    We blame the singer-dad for Justin Bieber's awful harem pants.