Être l'enfant du milieu, le N°2 dans une fratrie de trois, n'est pas simple. Des dizaines de sites et livres spécialisés sur les questions de l'enfance évoquent ces enfants "sandwichs", ni premiers, ni derniers, ni couvés, ni responsabilisés.

Nos collègues américains du Huffington post ont trouvé une photo, partagée sur Reddit, qui symbolise parfaitement ce syndrome. Elle a été publiée avec la légende "le moment où il a réalisé qu'il était maintenant l'enfant du milieu":

Mais pas de panique, les enfants du milieu s'en sortent aussi bien que les autres. La preuve: Julia Roberts, Tony Blair, Bill Gates, Benjamin Franklin, Madonna et le Dalai Lama étaient par exemple des enfants du milieu.

Egalement sur Le HuffPost:

Nos collègues américains ont compilé les meilleurs "photobombs" de bébés:
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  • Forced Baby Bomb

    Ok, so sometimes it's hard for babies to bomb photos by themselves.

  • Full Moon Baby Bomb

    That baby is just begging for attention.

  • Crying Baby Stroller Bomb

    "I had to watch this whole boring marathon."

  • Creepy Toddler Bomb

    The eyes say it all.

  • Rolling Toy Bomb

    If you are going to photobomb, you should cheese adorably.

  • Car And Bikini Bomb

    The baby is her stand-in model.

  • Scary Baby Bomb

    That's a pretty big (fake) gun for a baby.

  • Swimsuit Bomb

    "Let's go swimming! Stop taking pictures!"

  • Old-Fashioned Baby Bomb

    This has to be one of the first.

  • Baby From Below Bomb

    Ruining perfectly good cleavage pics is just one of the many services he offers.

  • Perfect Baby Bomb

    The best way to improve boring, old lectures, hands down.

  • Meta Baby Bomb

    Can you photobomb yourself? Contemplate this and get back to us.

  • Sexting Bomb

    "Mom, are you taking pictures of your butt again?"

  • Sneak Attack Bomb

    Making birthday dinners at the Cheesecake Factory weird since 2009.

  • Myspace Bomb

    "Mom, that site doesn't even exist anymore."

  • Baby And Hammer Bomb

    We're just going to assume this turned out fine.

  • Exhausted Toddler Bomb

    He just wanted that shoe.

  • Sneaky Carseat Bomb

    That face!

  • Perfect Mirror Bomb

    Look behind her shoulder.

  • Serious Baby Bomb

    They're trying to be cute, but he's cuter.

  • Kissing Baby Bomb

    You might be focused on the TV bomb, but the little baby in the back takes the cake.

  • Kiss Baby Bomb

    "Hey, no fair!"

  • Running Baby Bomb

    This baby is living life to the fullest.

  • Book Bomb

    Without the baby, this is a pretty boring picture.