L'astronaute canadien Chris Hadfield sera de retour sur Terre ce soir, lundi 13 mai 2013.

Il quittera la Station spatiale internationale, où il a agi à titre de commandant, à bord d'une capsule russe Soyouz.

Chris Hadfield s'est démarqué au cours de son séjour par son sens de la communication inédit pour un astronaute. Il a notamment communiqué avec les terriens via Twitter, en plus de nous faire part de quelques chansons interprétées à partir de la Station spatiale internationale.

Mais plusieurs se souviendront particulièrement de lui pour ses superbes photos de la terre envoyées depuis l'espace.

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  • Argentina

    "Glacial water burping into the Atlantic in deep Southern Argentina."

  • Pop!

    'The Earth has problem skin; one popped, the other didn't."

  • South America

    "Tonight's Finale: Nature inspires awe - cloud, ice and rock in southern South America."

  • Mexico

    "Happy Alligator Lake, Mexico. I'm certain it has an official name, but that's what it looks like to me."

  • Haruna

    'Tonight's Finale: Haruna, a large and powerful tropical cyclone, wreaks clockwise destruction across Madagascar."

  • Africa

    "This taffy-twisted African rock reminds me of a dolphin, and Alfred Hitchcock."

  • Freetown, Sierra Leone

    "Freetown. A major west African port city, capital of Sierra Leone."

  • It Totally Does

    "Even as I took this picture I was thinking it will make a nice desktop background. And it does."

  • Sandy Musings

    "I don't think that sand came from those rocks."

  • Haggis (Well, Not Really)

    "This green Aussie lake somehow reminds me of a haggis."

  • Andes

    "Some fault lines are visible from space. Tectonic plates make a rift in the Andes."

  • Sahara

    "Arid fingers of sand-blasted rock look like they're barely holding on against the hot Saharan wind."

  • Martian Earth

    "Mars is a very interesting planet, with its rugged, ancient surface. But this is Earth."

  • Cloud

    "Tonight's Finale: There is an undeniable beauty in human imagination. What do you see in this Saharan cloud?"

  • Valentine

    "All the grains of sand in all the deserts can't compare to the number of ways I love you. #ValentineFromSpace"

  • Oyster?

    "Your perspective often dictates what you see. From here I see a puffball on an oyster half-shell. How about you?"

  • Scaly Earth

    "Dragon skin. A bad place to take a walk, near the Horn of Africa."

  • Himalayas

    "Tonight's Finale: The Himalayas to the horizon, gives me such a feeling of wild grandeur."

  • Patagonia

    "Tonight's finale:You hear all about the man in the moon, but what about the man in Patagonia?"

  • New Zealand

    "As I look at the verdant fjords and inlets of southern NZ, I ask myself can this possibly be real? Yet there it is."

  • Earth Art

    "If you give wind and sand enough time together, they create art."

  • South Africa

    "Where there's water, there's life. Serpentine river and center pivot irrigation farms in South Africa."

  • Outback

    "A lot of the Australian Outback looks like somebody spilled something on it."

  • Quebec Crater

    "Tonight's Finale: Asteroid impact - the Manicouagan Crater in Quebec. On old scar, but a big one at 100 km across."

  • Croatia

    "Split, Croatia, a fine natural harbor on the gorgeously rugged Adriatic coast."

  • Cape Town

    "Cape Town, South Africa, the glinting sun highlighting the water."

  • Australia

    "King George's Sound, Australia. Charles Darwin got off the Beagle and hosted a dance here in February, 1836."

  • Haruna From Feb. 21

    "Eye of the Storm - Tropical Cyclone Haruna, today over Madagascar, with Canadarm2 pointing at the eye."

  • Someone Misses Starbucks

    "These delicate cappuccino frosting decorations are, in fact, endless hummocks of Saharan sand."

  • Moon Rise

    "Tonight's Finale: The full moon rises over the only planet we have ever called home."

  • Baby Bergs

    "Mama Iceberg and her litter of baby ice cubes, slowly melting into the South Atlantic Ocean."

  • Outback Faces

    "The Outback is full of scary faces, staring up in forbidding horror."

  • Aurora

    "Tonight's finale: Northern Lights - recent aurora in green and red waves, USA and Canada below, the universe above."

  • Amazon

    'The incredibly green lush wetness of the Amazon basin."

  • Abstract Earth

    "Clouds, shadows and sand, playing with my imagination."

  • Bellybutton

    "Earth has a bellybutton! My guess is that this perfect African circle is a meteor impact crater."

  • BONUS: Space Pajamas

    "Weightless in my new space pajamas - made in Russia, very warm and comfy."