Oubliez Justin Bieber ou les tétons tendances d'Anne Hathaway: c'est Chris Hadfield qui a le compte Twitter le plus cool!

L'astronaute canadien a fasciné ses 444 000 followers sur Twitter avec d'époustouflantes photographies de notre chère planète.

La cerise sur le gâteau? Les commentaires (en anglais) de Chris Hadfield qui accompagnent ses fabuleux clichés. Comme ces lacs en forme d'animaux ou ce qu'il appelle le nombril de la Terre.

Régalez-vous avec une sélection de nos photos préférées ci-dessous (commentaires en anglais).

Vous pouvez visiter le compte Twitter, @Cmdr_Hadfield de Chris, ainsi que sa page facebook.

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  • Argentina

    "Glacial water burping into the Atlantic in deep Southern Argentina."

  • Pop!

    'The Earth has problem skin; one popped, the other didn't."

  • South America

    "Tonight's Finale: Nature inspires awe - cloud, ice and rock in southern South America."

  • Mexico

    "Happy Alligator Lake, Mexico. I'm certain it has an official name, but that's what it looks like to me."

  • Haruna

    'Tonight's Finale: Haruna, a large and powerful tropical cyclone, wreaks clockwise destruction across Madagascar."

  • Africa

    "This taffy-twisted African rock reminds me of a dolphin, and Alfred Hitchcock."

  • Freetown, Sierra Leone

    "Freetown. A major west African port city, capital of Sierra Leone."

  • It Totally Does

    "Even as I took this picture I was thinking it will make a nice desktop background. And it does."

  • Sandy Musings

    "I don't think that sand came from those rocks."

  • Haggis (Well, Not Really)

    "This green Aussie lake somehow reminds me of a haggis."

  • Andes

    "Some fault lines are visible from space. Tectonic plates make a rift in the Andes."

  • Sahara

    "Arid fingers of sand-blasted rock look like they're barely holding on against the hot Saharan wind."

  • Martian Earth

    "Mars is a very interesting planet, with its rugged, ancient surface. But this is Earth."

  • Cloud

    "Tonight's Finale: There is an undeniable beauty in human imagination. What do you see in this Saharan cloud?"

  • Valentine

    "All the grains of sand in all the deserts can't compare to the number of ways I love you. #ValentineFromSpace"

  • Oyster?

    "Your perspective often dictates what you see. From here I see a puffball on an oyster half-shell. How about you?"

  • Scaly Earth

    "Dragon skin. A bad place to take a walk, near the Horn of Africa."

  • Himalayas

    "Tonight's Finale: The Himalayas to the horizon, gives me such a feeling of wild grandeur."

  • Patagonia

    "Tonight's finale:You hear all about the man in the moon, but what about the man in Patagonia?"

  • New Zealand

    "As I look at the verdant fjords and inlets of southern NZ, I ask myself can this possibly be real? Yet there it is."

  • Earth Art

    "If you give wind and sand enough time together, they create art."

  • South Africa

    "Where there's water, there's life. Serpentine river and center pivot irrigation farms in South Africa."

  • Outback

    "A lot of the Australian Outback looks like somebody spilled something on it."

  • Quebec Crater

    "Tonight's Finale: Asteroid impact - the Manicouagan Crater in Quebec. On old scar, but a big one at 100 km across."

  • Croatia

    "Split, Croatia, a fine natural harbor on the gorgeously rugged Adriatic coast."

  • Cape Town

    "Cape Town, South Africa, the glinting sun highlighting the water."

  • Australia

    "King George's Sound, Australia. Charles Darwin got off the Beagle and hosted a dance here in February, 1836."

  • Haruna From Feb. 21

    "Eye of the Storm - Tropical Cyclone Haruna, today over Madagascar, with Canadarm2 pointing at the eye."

  • Someone Misses Starbucks

    "These delicate cappuccino frosting decorations are, in fact, endless hummocks of Saharan sand."

  • Moon Rise

    "Tonight's Finale: The full moon rises over the only planet we have ever called home."

  • Baby Bergs

    "Mama Iceberg and her litter of baby ice cubes, slowly melting into the South Atlantic Ocean."

  • Outback Faces

    "The Outback is full of scary faces, staring up in forbidding horror."

  • Aurora

    "Tonight's finale: Northern Lights - recent aurora in green and red waves, USA and Canada below, the universe above."

  • Amazon

    'The incredibly green lush wetness of the Amazon basin."

  • Abstract Earth

    "Clouds, shadows and sand, playing with my imagination."

  • Bellybutton

    "Earth has a bellybutton! My guess is that this perfect African circle is a meteor impact crater."

  • BONUS: Space Pajamas

    "Weightless in my new space pajamas - made in Russia, very warm and comfy."