NOËL - Vous allez bientôt sortir du sous-sol (si ce n'est pas déjà fait) les quelques décorations de noël qui ornent votre intérieur chaque année.

D'autres se donnent beaucoup plus de mal et font de leur maison le théâtre d'un véritable spectacle de sons et lumières. Les Nord-Américains sont même champions du monde en la matière. La preuve en quelques vidéos:

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  • Version Angry Birds

    Le célèbre jeux vidéo a inspiré ces illuminés.

  • Version Gangnam Style

    Le tube du sud-coréen Psy mis en lumière.

  • Version électro

    Bande originale par Skrillex.

  • Version électro 2

    Bande originale par Trollface.

  • Version électro 3

  • Version Call me maybe

  • Version orchestrale

    Bande originale par le Trans-Siberian Orchestra

  • Version I like to move it

  • Version Ghostbusters

Faites le tour du monde des illuminations de Noël:

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  • Le sapin de Noël du grand magasin Les Galeries Lafayette à Paris.

  • Un sapin illuminé à Nice, en France.

  • Des lumières de Noël suspendues dans une rue de Madrid, en Espagne.

  • Le sapin de Noël sur la Place rouge de Moscou, avec le magasin GUM.

  • Un sapin de Noël de 36 mètres de haut composé de branches de sapin à Stockholm, en Suède.

  • Les lumières de Noël décorant le palais du Belvédère à Vienne, en Autriche.

  • Un marché de Noël décoré devant la mairie de Vienne, en Autriche.

  • Une décoration de Noël abstraite sur la Grand-Place de Bruxelles.

  • Une décoration de Noël abstraite sur la Grand-Place de Bruxelles.

  • Une illumination de Noël sur la Grand-Place de Bruxelles.

  • Le sapin de Noël sur la Place du Dôme, à Milan.

  • Des feux d'artifices durant l'inauguration d'un sapin de Noël géant et... flottant, au lagon Rodrigo de Freitas, à Rio de Janeiro au Brésil.

  • Les décorations devant le Rockefeller Center, après la cérémonie des illuminations, à New York.

  • Le sapin de Noël du Rockefeller Center à New York.

  • Des décorations sont accrochées sur les sapins de Noël devant un hôtel à Pékin, en Chine.

  • Un énorme sapin de Noël est installé sur la Place rouge, du côté de la Cathédrale Saint-Basile à Moscou, en Russie.

  • Les décorations traditionnelles de Noël devant la cathédrale Sainte-Marie (centre droit) et l'église Saint-Séverin (centre gauche) à Erfurt, en Allemagne. On peut voir aussi le marché de Noël.

  • Le sapin de Noël devant la cathédrale de Vilnius.

  • De jeunes enfants allument des bougies devant une sculpture de glace dans le jardin de l'hôtel du Prince Takanawa à Tokyo, au Japon.

  • Les illuminations du grand magasin Harvey Nichols dans le quartier de Knightsbridge à Londres.

  • Un énorme sapin de Noël est assemblé devant le Palais Royal de Varsovie, en Pologne.

  • Des décorations de Noël sur une maison près de Stansstad, en Suisse.

  • Un sapin de Noël durant la célèbre parade de Noël au parc Disney, en Floride.

Les 10 villes les mieux illuminées pour Noël, par Le HuffPost US :

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  • Singapore

    In recent years, the magic of Christmas lights has spread even further afield to countries throughout Asia. Every evening from November 20 to January 2, Orchard Road and Marina Bay in Singapore are lit up in full-on seasonal splendor with its Christmas in the Tropics light display. Singapore’s famous shopping district celebrates with twinkling street lights, dressed-up shop windows, concerts, musicals and exhibitions. Search and compare <a href="" target="_hplink">cheap flights to Singapore</a>.

  • Toronto, Canada

    In Toronto, the annual Cavalcade of Lights marks the official start of the holiday season with music, skating, dancing and a whole heap of Christmas lights! Now in its 46th year, the Cavalcade was created in 1967 to showcase Toronto’s newly constructed City Hall and Nathan Phillips Square. The festive usually falls on the final weekend of November when the Square and a giant Christmas tree are illuminated by more than 300,000 energy-efficient LED lights that shine from dusk until 11pm, November 17 to January 1. Search and compare <a href="" target="_hplink">cheap flights to Toronto</a>. Photo credit: <a href="" target="_hplink">Daniel Wei</a>

  • Paris, France

    With a name like the City of Lights you’d expect Paris to shine at Christmas and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. During the day you’ll come across the usual bustle of tourists at the iconic sites, but night time is when the magic really happens. With the sparkling Eiffel Tower, glitzy Champs-Élysées and starry streets, the city feels like a real-life fairy tale after dark. Search and compare <a href="" target="_hplink">cheap flights to France</a>.

  • Medellin, Colombia

    Christmas in Medellin, Colombia, is a time of families coming together to celebrate and enjoy the simple pleasure of looking at amazing decorations. In December, the city’s thoroughfares, roads and parks are covered in thousands of fairy lights, with the most impressive displays found in Avenue la Playa and the Medellin River. Every year thousands flock to the Medellin River to gaze at the million dollar displays, sample delicious food and enjoy street performances. Search and compare <a href="" target="_hplink">cheap flights to Medellin</a>.

  • Kobe, Japan

    Seasonal illuminations around Christmas time have become a popular attraction in cities across Japan and none is more beautiful than the Kobe Luminarie. After the Kobe earthquake of 1995, Italy donated thousands of hand-painted bulbs to the city and these were transformed into an intricate, gothic-style luminarie designed by Valerio Festi and Hirokazu Imaoka. The tradition continues, and every year from December 1-12, around four million locals and tourists alike come to celebrate Japan’s enduring resilience near Higashi-Yuenchi Park. Search and compare <a href="" target="_hplink">cheap flights to Japan</a>.

  • Baltimore, Maryland

    For 11 months out of the year, 34th Street in Baltimore is like any other street in North America, but in the month of December something truly magical takes place. Now in its 62nd year, the “Christmas Street” light display sees thousands of visitors descend on this unassuming neighborhood to view some of the most fantastic, and quirky, lights in North America. Each house on the block is decorated in the owner’s unique style and some homes include toy trains on rooftops and hubcap Christmas trees. Search and compare <a href="" target="_hplink">cheap flights to Baltimore</a>.

  • Vilnius, Lithuania

    For the Christmas season, Lithuania’s capital city Vilnius gets covered in colorful garlands of electric lights and the country’s largest ‘Christmas tree’ (the Vilnius television tower under a vale of lights) is lit up. In the Old Town Christmas Markets, taste festive treats and mulled wine;, and then see if you can spot Santa or listen to carols in one of the city’s many churches. For a dazzling performance like no other, check out the popular Magic Christmas display. This state of the production sees the city’s cathedral transformed into a colorful storyboard with a “4D” projection of light, sound, and even scent. Search and compare <a href="" target="_hplink">cheap flights to Lithuania</a>. Photo credit: <a href="" target="_hplink">Eugenijus Radlinskas</a>

  • Vienna, Austria

    If experiencing a traditional European Christmas is on your list, it doesn’t get more perfect than celebrating Weihnachten in Vienna, Austria. From mid-November 10 of Vienna’s city squares are transformed into beautiful Christmas Markets decorated with bushy trees and strings of twinkling fairy lights hanging from every available surface. Top this off with stalls selling crafts, gifts, local produce, season foods and festive drinks and you’ve got enough Christmas spirit to cheer even the biggest Grinch. Search and compare <a href="" target="_hplink">cheap flights to Austria</a>.

  • Berlin, Germany

    Germany is the home of Christmas Lights so it’s no wonder the country’s capital really shines during the holiday season. When the sun goes down on Berlin, the city’s historic buildings, streets and every available tree branch is lit up with colorful projections and row upon row of fairy lights. Berlin’s illuminations are such a drawcard that visitors with a passion for photography can sign up for special guided tours of the lights. Within the city squares and boulevards nearly 60 different Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas Markets) provide even more glistening sights along with all the shopping, food and Glühwein (mulled wine) you’d expect from a Christmas market. You’ll find some of the best illuminations at the 368m Fernsehtur (TV Tower), Alexanderplatz Market, Opera Palace, National Opera and the famous Brandenburg Gate and Charlottenburg Palace. Search and compare <a href="" target="_hplink">cheap flights to Germany</a>.

  • Disneyland, Los Angeles

    The happiest place on earth gets even merrier over the holiday season as Disneyland is transformed into an extravagant winter wonderland right in the heart of California. Classic rides such as It’s A Small World and the Haunted Mansion are given luminous festive makeovers, while Main Street is decked out in the all the best Christmas trimmings. Heralded by trumpeting toy soldiers, prancing reindeer, joyful gingerbread men and skating snowflakes, the Main Street Christmas Fantasy Parade sees all of Disney’s most popular characters dressed up in their holiday best. The center piece of this magical display sees Sleeping Beauty’s Castle covered with snow-capped turrets, shimmering icicles and twinkling lights. Finally, everything is topped off by a dazzling pyrotechnics and fireworks spectacular. Search and compare <a href="" target="_hplink">cheap flights to Los Angeles</a>.

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