Il y a des chiens qui n'aiment pas courir après la balle. Et il y a des chats qui n'aiment courir après les souris. Au grand dam de leurs maîtres.

La preuve avec ces quelques images d'animaux qui restent de marbre, compilées par nos collègues du HuffPost américain.

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  • This dog has had it with your shenanigans. (<a href="">Image via Flickr</a>)

  • Go ahead, ask this cat why she's less than thrilled with you. (<a href="">Image via Imgur</a>)

  • This bunny gets the joke; he's just not laughing. (<a href="">Image via Imgur</a>)

  • Dog: "Is this sign really necessary?" (<a href="">Image via Imgur</a>)

  • You'll need to do a lot more to excite this kitty. (<a href="">Image via Flickr</a>)

  • It will take an awful lot to impress this sheep. (<a href="">Image via Flickr</a>)

  • Cat: "Do <em>you</em> read the newspaper everyday? Yeah, that's what I thought." (<a href="">Image via Imgur</a>)

  • What's better than one unimpressed alpaca? That's right... two unimpressed alpacas. (<a href="">Image via Imgur</a>)

  • Unlike <a href="">these other pets</a>, Cara is not interested in hearing about your day. (<a href="">Image via Flickr</a>)

  • This gorilla is clearly unimpressed (and he also may be giving you the finger). (<a href="">Image via Flickr</a>)

  • Cat to bird: "And <em>this</em> is where you chose to perch?" (<a href="">Image via Imgur</a>)

  • This squirrel does not appreciate your photography skills. (<a href="">Image via Flickr</a>)

  • Sorry, but this cat does not want to Skype with you. (<a href="">Image via Imgur</a>)

  • What's that? Yeah, he's not impressed. (<a href="">Image via Imgur</a>)

  • Tilba does not appreciate pictures of prey -- he'll take the real thing. (<a href="">Image via Flickr</a>)

  • Dog: "You call that driving?" (<a href="">Image via Imgur</a>)

  • This cat couldn't control her distaste in your choice of outfit. (<a href="">Image via Imgur</a>)