ÉTATS-UNIS - Le 4 juillet, les Américains ont célébré leur fête nationale à grand renfort de feux d'artifice. Mais à San Diego le spectacle n'a pas fait long feu.

À la suite d'un incident technique, tous les feux d'artifice de la soirée ont été lancés au même moment, offrant aux spectateurs un bouquet final impressionnant mais de courte durée. Au lieu de 18 minutes d'explosions, les habitants de San Diego n'ont profité que de 15 secondes de pyrotechnie.

La première photo de ce "bouquet final" XXL a été publiée sur Instagram par Ben Baller.

feux dartifice san diego

Sur Youtube, de nombreuses vidéos ont été postées dans la soirée.

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  • The 2012 Big Bay Boom San Diego Firework Show

    The Big Bay Boom Firework Show in San Diego for 2012 was a "Big Bay Bust". There was a technical problem and ALL of the fireworks went off within 30 seconds. The original Big Bay Boom was set to last about 15 minutes. Here is a 30 second video I recorded of The Big Bay Boom 2012. Thanks Chris and Karl Strauss Brewing for the party! Love the Windansea Wheat. www.karlstrauss.com Story: I was at a party for Karl Strauss Brewing, AMAZING VIEW of the Bay. So at the party we had just turned off the lights and wear listening to the radio station 105.7 the walrus which does a soundtrack to the firework show. They had just announced that the show was 5 mins. away. I had been adjusting my camera, getting all set up to record the entire show, when all of a sudden ALL THE FIREWOKRS WENT OFF. I quickly adjusted my camera and started recording. You can hear in the video if you listen closely "It looks like a finale". Everyone thought it was just an awesome intro for the Big Bay Boom Firework show, which is really amazing each year I watch. There are 4 locations, Shelter Island (shown on the right), Harbor Island (shown on the left), North Embarcadero (Shown in the center) and South Embarcadero (not really seen but behind Shelter Islands Show), and are all synced to go off at the same time with the same shows. With the 20 min. Firework Show going up in a blaze 5 mins early and only lasting 30 seconds, a lot of people became very upset over what happened. I found it funny how after the <b>...</b>

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    I was at my hotel room waiting for the fireworks waiting for them to go off when all of a sudden all the fireworks went of at one time. 20 min worth of fireworks go off in 9 sec.

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    Big Bay Boom firework malfunction in San Diego Bay watch in 1080p, or what was the purpose of getting a big expensive camera.

  • San Diego Firework Show Epic Fail 2012

    17 minutes worth of fireworks goes off in less than a minute dues to lack of communication.

  • San Diego's Big Bay Boom Fireworks 2012

    San Diego's 2012 Big Bay Boom Bust Firework Show. Thanks to a technical malfunction this was one of the best, but shortest (about 30 seconds) firework shows I've ever seen.

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    4th of July,2012 fireworks at Ocean Beach in San Diego. This is the last part and the most amazing part of the fireworks!!

  • San Diego Firework Malfunction

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