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Wayne Hsiung

Avocat, ancien professeur de droit à l'Université Northwestern et enquêteur en chef de l'Open Rescue Network du Direct Action Everywhere

Wayne Hsiung is a lawyer, writer, and co-founder of the global animal rights network Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) and lead investigator in the DxE Open Rescue Network. His work as an investigator has been reported on in The New York Times and Mother Jones, and he organizes grassroots campaigns that have mobilized activists in over 110 cities and 20 countries. Prior to DxE, Wayne studied behavioral economics as a NSF Graduate Fellow at MIT, taught at Northwestern School of Law (where he co-authored research with Harvard’s Cass Sunstein on climate change’s impact on animals), and practiced securities law at two national law firms while maintaining a pro bono animal practice. Despite holding two graduate degrees, he is regularly outwitted by his four furry companions.