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Shalin Shah

Victime du cancer

Shalin Shah is 22 years old, born and raised in Southern California. Last August, while training for his Peace Corps service in Peru, he fell extremely ill with a racking cough, difficulty breathing and intense rib pain. A CT scan found the cause of his suffering was a 6-inch mass in his chest cavity. After being medically evacuated back to the US, Shalin was diagnosed with stage IV synovial sarcoma with brain, lung and spinal cord metastasis, an extremely rare and aggressive cancer.
Merci pour ce Brandon Choe & Kevin Dinh

Merci pour ce cancer

Pour moi, le 5 février représente la journée que tous les patients redoutent. Ce jour-là, les médecins nous ont informés que mon cerveau était touché, que mon cancer était désormais incurable.
20/05/2015 10:39 EDT