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Regan Long

Maman et journaliste

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Regan Long has two passions in life. One is being a mother, and the other is writing. In 2006, Regan graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary and Special Education and has found a true love working with children. Her ultimate dream came true after she and her husband, Terry, were blessed with their four children, Kendyl, Kaden and Kennedy, and Kelsey. Regan has found such inspiration navigating through motherhood and not only is able to capture some empowering moments that she has experienced, but seeks inspiration from women of all ages trying to handle one of the toughest jobs in this universe. As she has led a very nontraditional childhood and young adult life, she felt compelled to share some of her own experiences intermixed with her devout faith that leave every mother, daughter, grandmother, aunt, sister and mother-to-be, wanting to read, reread and share her heartfelt moments that will leave you feeling nothing short of inspired and touched. As Long states herself, as a mother, what more do we want then to feel empowered, motivated and inspired; to learn from our mistakes, expand upon our strengths and share the good, the bad and the ugly with fellow women to know we are not on this journey alone? We all have a purpose to serve on this earth and hers, without a doubt, was to become a mother. Regan is so fortunate to have been blessed with the ultimate gift that this world can give, becoming a mother. And for her, to be able to share that passion with the world is a true gift in itself.