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Radouan Torkmani

Engineer, Architect, Young leader. Turkish by ancestry, Moroccan by origin, French by birth, Canadian by adoption. Delegate @YouthAssembly

My name is Radouan Torkmani. I am an engineer, architect and young leader. I live in Montreal, Canada. I am Turkish by ancestry, Moroccan by origin, French by birth and Canadian by adoption. My multicultural identity contributes to my self- identification as a citizen of the world and helps me having an intimate understanding of the issues facing people of diverse nationalities, ethnicities and creeds. Between 2011- 2013, I served as the French Ambassador for a McGill University Students Association dedicated to promote development in North Africa and the Middle East. I have always been concerned by global development issues and believe they are not fatalities but challenges we can face and solve. Follow me on @RadouanTorkmani