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Nobina Robinson

Policy thought leader on Canadian innovation, higher education and skills

Nobina Robinson was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Polytechnics Canada in May 2009. She has held progressive appointments in the federal government and non-profit sectors since 1990.
As a Foreign Service Officer she was posted to the Canadian Embassy in Havana from 1994 to 1997.
Mrs. Robinson was appointed to the Expert Panel on the Review of Federal Support to Research and Development, and published the report “Innovation Canada: A Call to Action” in October 2011.
In her capacity as CEO of Polytechnics Canada, Mrs. Robinson supports a number of other like-minded groups, including the Business Higher Education Roundtable, the Human Resources Committee of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and is a patron member of the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum.
La formation doit suivre

La formation doit suivre l'innovation

Alors que l'économie canadienne se tourne vers un modèle centré sur l'innovation, il faut également reconnaître que les personnes de métier et les apprentis exercent un rôle prépondérant sur le paysage canadien de l'innovation.
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