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Michelle Rose Gilman

Auteur, fondatrice du centre "Fusion academy" et de "The Well-Heeled Warrior"

Twenty-seven years ago Michelle founded Fusion Academy, a private, alternative one-to-one school for students who did not fit into the one-size-fits-all model of public education. From humble beginnings in her Southern California garage, Michelle grew her school from one small facility to over thirty-three schools in California, New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Illinois, Virginia and Texas. From one small school in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California, Fusion Academy is now a leader in the education industry with over $80 million in annual revenues. Michelle has written 8 books and has been awarded numerous awards for her achievements over the past decade. Most recently, she was recognized by the 2015 San Diego Women Who Mean Business Awards, and has placed on Inc. Magazine’s 500 Fastest Growing Companies 4 years in a row. Michelle is also the Founder of The Well-Heeled Warrior, mentoring and coaching female business pioneers toward creating abundance, manifesting change in the world, leaving a legacy and having the time of their lives! Michelle is on the Board of Directors of Rock to Recovery, a nonprofit organization founded by Wesley Geer, former guitarist from the band Korn. She is also on the board of The Invisible Disability Project. Michelle has always been an artist. Her work can be seen on her artist webpage FeatherPunk Studio. Fusion Academy http://www.The