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Meghan Pearson

Conscious Chef, Eating Disorder Survivor, & Yoga Teacher in Costa Rica

Meg Pearson embraces the title of "Nutri-tarian", finding it hard to label her food philosophy that focuses on the benefits of a plant-heavy, whole foods diet, and the importance of seeking total life balance in flexible ways. She is also a passionate vegan/vegetarian cook, Culinary Nutrition Expert, certified Raw Food Chef and Instructor, yoga teacher, Reiki Practitioner, and the owner of “MAP Wellness”. Meghan spent many years fighting her own food battles, suffering with bulimia from her early teens, and has found comfort and strength in sharing her affection for food creativity with others.

Connect with Meg:
Twitter: @MAPWellness
J'ai divorcé de la Courtoisie

J'ai divorcé de la télé

Ma décision de quitter la télé, et de ne pas en avoir une, m'a grandement aidée à vraiment voir, sentir, goûter et ressentir tout ce que cette vie a à m'offrir.
15/10/2013 05:57 EDT