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Leslie Blanchard

Épouse, mère de cinq enfants

Everyone from Leslie's husband of 33 years, to her 5 children squirm in discomfort a little bit when she uses everyday family experiences as common fodder for her blog, "A Ginger Snapped." They can routinely be heard complaining as she lets all the unsavory stuff out, in what they now refer to as, "Pandora's iPad!"

She has been featured on BonBon Break, Ten toTwenty Parenting, Mid-Life Boulevard, BlogHer, Your Teen Magazine, Scary Mommy and NPR. She is also proud to have been featured on The Huffington Post in the United States, as well as France, Japan, Spain and Germany, realizing this may be her only opportunity to travel abroad.

For marriage and parenting advice "the experts" are not dispensing: