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Jessica Lovejoy

Défenseur du bien-être corporel

Jessica Lovejoy is a 24-year-old body positive advocate from New South Wales, Australia.

She currently works as an Assistant In Nursing in an aged care facility, but she dreams of creating a more positive and accepting world for everyone, by way of body love and body positivity.

She has a background in writing and is adept at public speaking, something she believes will help her to reach out to other people who want to become happier and healthier within themselves, without buying into diet fads and expensive regimes.

Jessica is an abuse survivor, which was something that held her back for quite some time. As she recovered, she discovered that self acceptance helped her far more than self loathing. She used her new found self love to not only help herself, but to start a blog dedicated to helping other men and women to love and accept themselves and their bodies.

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