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Inna Shevchenko

Activiste, leader du mouvement des femmes FEMEN

Inna Shevchenko,activist, leader of women's movement FEMEN. Femen movement was born in the country where feminism was never popular before, in Ukraine. Femen was first loud scream of feminism in Modern Eastern Europe. Today in more then 10 countries women are calling themself Femen, wearing flower crowns (symbol of the movement) and going out on the protest topless, using their bodies as a weapon against patriarchy. Inna Shevchenko, 22 years old activist who organized sex-attacks by Femen all over the world. One of the most scandalous protest was made by Shevchenko in 2012 when the activist cut down 8meters wooden catholic cross with chainsaw on the main square in Kiev, Ukraine. The protest was against influence of relligion on human rights and in context to support activist of Russian group, Pussy Riot. After the action Inna Shevchenko left Ukraine for France. In September 2012 the activist opened first training center of Femen for women's activism in Paris. The activist is searched in Ukraine as a criminal after anti religious protest with the cross. "Our goal is to show the truth of patriarchal world, to open the real face of patriarchy and manifestation of it: church, religion, sex-industry. Femen is a test for democracy."
Ne pas défendre nos idéaux de liberté aujourd'hui serait un ASSOCIATED PRESS

Ne pas défendre nos idéaux de liberté aujourd'hui serait un crime

Nous devons gagner ce combat. Nous n'avons pas besoin d'armes pour prouver que nous avons raison, nos idées sont suffisamment puissantes. L'idée d'une liberté de parole totale respecte les intérêts de tout le monde, que vous soyez religieux ou non, de gauche ou de droite, etc., vous êtes les bienvenus pour exprimer vos idées mais soyez préparés à ce que d'autres expriment aussi leurs opinions.
20/02/2015 02:35 EST