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Emma Nicholson

Humor Writer, Autism Advocate, and Veteran Supporter

2014-09-19-EmmaJNicholson.jpg Emma Nicholson humorously details the ups and downs of being an age 50-plus woman here on the Huffington Post and on her writing website. She has been interviewed on CNN and contributes regularly to women's blogs and magazines.

Deeply touched by the problems of veterans returning from combat and struggling to re-enter civilian life, Emma has recently become active with several organizations who use outdoor activities and alternative treatments such as massage therapy to reach healing warriors.

Also a massage therapist, Emma is certified in Massage for PTSD and is honored to serve veterans as they walk down the path toward healing and health.

Emma is a proud parent of a young man with autism and has been an advocate for the community for over 20 years. She has been featured on autism advocacy sites both nationally and internationally and works tirelessly to bring attention to the issues affecting those with autism.

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7 façons sûres d'améliorer sa vie sexuelle - Emma PBNJ Productions via Getty Images

7 façons sûres d'améliorer sa vie sexuelle - Emma Nicholson

Tout comme de nombreux couples mariés depuis longtemps, mon mari et moi sommes tombés dans un trou noir sexuel très rapidement après notre mariage. Les enfants, la maison, nos carrières, l'hypothèque -- tout, en fait -- ont pris le dessus sur la passion qui jadis nous consumait quand on s'est mis en couple. Donc j'ai décidé d'exciter l'esprit de mon mari. Voici mes meilleures astuces.
10/09/2014 03:30 EDT