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Daniel Germain

International Humanitarian, founder, speaker, member of the Order of Canada and Quebec, recipient of multiple achievement medals and awards.

Daniel Germain is the President and founder of the Breakfast Clubs of Canada. Mr. Germain started the Club des petits déjeuners du Québec (Quebec Breakfast Club) in 1994. This not-for-profit organization offers children in underprivileged areas a nutritious breakfast in an environment that nourishes their self-esteem. In 2005, Mr. Germain decided to take this idea nationally and started the Breakfast Clubs of Canada. In 2006, he created the Montreal Millennium Summit, which has become an important international conference in the area of social activism. In 2012, Mr. Germain started the Children’s Hour which aims to celebrate and recognize school and student successes, whatever they may be. In 2011, he was presented with the Lieutenant Governor’s Medal for Exceptional Merit, in 2009, he became a Member of the Order of Canada and in 2007, he was appointed to the Order of Québec. Amongst other awards and honors that he has received either individually or on behalf of the Club are the YMCAs of Québec 2010 Peace Medal, the 2010 Gold medal of the Order of Merit from the Fédération des Commissions scolaires du Québec (Quebec School Board Federation), the Canadian Medical Association 2008 Award for Excellence in Health Promotion and the Jubilee Medal given by Queen Elizabeth in 2013.
Élever des enfants en santé, un déjeuner à la

Élever des enfants en santé, un déjeuner à la fois

Ce matin, un enfant d'âge scolaire sur cinq est à risque d'entrer à l'école le ventre vide. Ceci représente approximativement 1 million d'enfants. Ce genre de statistiques est inacceptable pour un pays comme le Canada.
07/04/2017 09:40 EDT