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Cette blogueuse fitness ne veut plus cacher sa cellulite et son eczéma

« Il m'a été difficile de poster cette photo. »

On peut être en bonne santé et avoir de la cellulite ou de l'eczéma. Dans une publication partagée le 25 janvier sur Instagram, la Youtubeuse fitness et styliste d'une marque de bikinis, Karina Irby, a tenu à rappeler que ces deux imperfections de la peau sont tout à fait normales.

"Il m'a été difficile de poster cette photo, témoigne la jeune femme en légende de l'image, devenue rapidement virale après sa publication sur le réseau social. Le cliché montre le corps de l'Australienne de 28 ans de dos, en maillot de bain. Il dévoile ses cuisses marquées par des traces d'eczéma et de cellulite.

This photo is hard for me to post... One of my goals this year is to create normality to a few seriously common things people world wide are dealing with day to day. For me this is eczema and cellulite, and together they're not the most flattery combo🤦🏼‍♀️ I wanted to share this image showing off my angry skin and cellulite to help raise awareness that THIS IS NORMAL. I want to help love and support other angry skin suffers that are covering up, feeling self conscious and even being bullied that they're not alone👩‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👨‍👧 I've been there, and I'm still dealing and accepting my skin every single day. Lately I've been receiving a lot of DM's from eczema suffers all around the world giving me their personal advice and even saying thank you for sharing. Instead of the DM's please comment below your questions, advice or anything you like that may help another in need. And more importantly, to prove to someone else that eczema is common, and they're alone and shouldn't feel uncomfortable and singled out. When I was a teenager I felt so alienated, unhappy and self conscious. I felt so alone and that no one knew what I had to deal with every day. Little did I know I had an entire community behind me, I just needed time to grow and realise it. So for all those young people out there that may be feeling the same... I got you're back❤️

Une publication partagée par KARINA IRBY (@karinairby) le

Elle poursuit: "Je voulais partager cette image de ma cellulite et de ma peau en colère pour aider les personnes à prendre conscience que c'est normal". Son but? Aider les gens qui, comme elle pendant son adolescence, manquent de confiance en eux et ont peur d'affronter en public leurs problèmes de peau. "Pour tous ces jeunes qui ressentent la même chose, j'assure vos arrières."

Aujourd'hui, près de 98% de femmes ont de la cellulite. Elle est souvent d'origine génétique mais aussi étroitement liée aux hormones féminines et à une mauvaise circulation du sang. Interrogé par Le Figaro, le Dr. Nadine Pomarède explique qu'elle peut être entraînée par une alimentation trop riche, mais pas seulement. Le stress peut également générer l'apparition de cellulite.

"Lire dans les cuisses"

L'eczéma, quant à elle, est l'une des maladies de peau les plus fréquentes. Non contagieuse, elle se manifeste par des rougeurs, des squames et des petits boutons. Présente aussi bien chez les femmes que les hommes, elle peut être liée à une allergie ou au stress.

Avant Karina Irby, d'autres influenceuses avaient elles aussi décidé d'assumer leurs imperfections cutanées. La coach de fitness Jessi Kneeland poste régulièrement des photos d'elle sur Instagram dévoilant les marques laissées par la cellulite sur son corps, comme le rapporte Teen Vogue.

"When I post photos of my body these days, and mention having gained weight or lost muscle mass, I'm often asked how I handle the negative feelings/comparison to my old body. # After all, aren't all women all supposed to be constantly chasing the kind of body I used to have? Shouldn't I feel terrible about "losing" something I had worked so hard for? # Well... no. # I chose to intentionally get out of shape this year, giving up all the habits that had previously helped me "maintain" my body, in a purposeful effort to explore who I would be without them. # My body did change. # I have significantly less muscle mass now than I used to, and more fat. I'm a bit bigger, softer, rounder, jigglier. Less sharp lines. Less angular edges. # These are fairly subtle shifts all things considered, but interestingly these physical changes have brought about a *significant* change in the amount of "visibility" and positive attention I get day to day. # Men and women alike used to comment on, praise, and gush over me-- my body, my dedication, my strength, and how "inspirational" I was. # Nobody gushes over me anymore. # Strangers used to light up when I talked to them; I always got smiles and pleasant chit-chat, and generally felt like everyone liked me. # None of that happens anymore. # Sometime in the last 2 years I gained *just* enough fat to cover up the sharp lines of my muscles & cheekbones, and started looking "normal" instead of strong, special, or inspirational. (Note: Since a very angular/lean face is one standard for female beauty, even fully dressed nowadays I am also "less beautiful.") # With my new (still totally healthy) body, I receive less attention, smiles, and compliments. I feel less visible overall, and experience less of a "people like me" feeling. # And that's just with 10-15 extra pounds! # But going back to the question I am often asked-- how do I deal with negative thoughts and comparisons about my new, softer body? # (Pay attention, because this is important.) # I handle them by recognizing that the feeling I'm having is completely unrelated to the noticing of physical changes." -Excerpt from today's #transparenttuesday email: Cont in comments

Une publication partagée par Jessi Kneeland (@jessikneeland) le

En 2015, le hashtag #ThighReading ("lire dans les cuisses", en français) avait permis à de nombreuses internautes de partager des photos de leur cellulite sur les cuissses. Leur message: dénoncer des critères de beauté surréalistes.

Karina Irby n'en est pas à sa première critique. Au mois d'octobre 2017, elle avait déjà critiqué les réseaux sociaux, loin d'être à l'image de la vie quotidienne. Dans un cadre de la photo, on la voit manger une glace comme si elle était publiée sur Instagram. Dans l'autre, elle fait la même chose, mais cette fois, avec du chocolat sur le visage, comme dans la vraie vie. "Gardez en tête que tout le monde est différent et que chacun a sa propre histoire", avait-elle écrit en légende.

Instagram VS Real Life Real talk. Try not to judge a book by its cover. We're all guilty of it, especially in a world of Social Media. Keep an open mind that everyone is different and has a different story. Hell! People try and put me down on Social Media everyday; calling me all kinds of names and saying I've had all kinds of surgeries 💉 They don't know me, or what I do, or how I think. BUT if they had the chance to meet me they'd soon realise I'm just a goofy dork who designs swimwear, sings all my words loudly, and badly! They'd realise I have a serious and concerning chocolate addiction, hence my fat booty (sorry trolls it's not fat injections) and has nightly dates with my super lame TV series. I'm an only child and love to be alone. I'm not very social and have more friends on Social Media than in real life. My work is my baby and I'm obsessed with helping it grow. I want to change the way people see beauty. Working out is my escape from reality. My hobby is giving people gifts and watching their reactions when they open it. Just like Oprah, I wish I could buy every single one of my followers a brand new car! My parents are my best friends. My Dad is a quadriplegic and my Mum is recovering from open heart surgery. My fear is bad health. I tell Ryan I love him three times before I go to sleep. I got bullied in primary school. I get bullied now. The only difference is now I don't care and I enjoy the laugh. I wish people would stop asking me when I'm having babies because I already have three fur children. I'm happy and proud of myself and who I have become and hope everyone reading this can love themselves too. There. I bet you wouldn't have guessed any of that from looking at my Instagram profile⚡️

Une publication partagée par KARINA IRBY (@karinairby) le

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