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À 7 ans, Riz Ahmed dessinait Luke Skywalker. Aujourd'hui, il joue dans «Rogue One: une histoire de Star Wars»

Parfois, les rêves d'enfants deviennent réalité. À l'âge de sept ans, l'acteur britannique Riz Ahmed s'imaginait ce à quoi ressembleraient Luke Skywalker et Darth Vader «quand ils seraient vieux». Quelques 27 ans plus tard, il vient lui-même de rejoindre l'univers de Star Wars, grâce au film Rogue One.

L'acteur, qui tient le rôle de Bohdi Rook dans le film sorti en salles le 16 décembre, a partagé lundi ses dessins d'enfance avec le message suivant: «Gardez l'enfant en vous vivant. Continuez à rêver.»

As I was walking off Jimmy Fallon's tafter doing a little freestyle rap, he leaned in and said "dude, you're in the #1 album & #1 film in the country!" I fell silent, nodded and grinned like he had mistaken me for someone else, but it was too awkward to correct him...a few days later I was told The Good Immigrant was voted the UK's book of the year, I got these award nominations for The Night Of, and Swet Shop Boys made a load of 'best of the year' lists. None of this felt real. Now I'm back home I just saw these pictures I drew at age 7 of Darth Vader & Luke, after watching Empire Strikes Back. I was reimagining these characters 'when they got old', reshaping their world, and nothing about that seemed weird. But somehow in the years between then and when i myself 'got old', the constant message that someone like me couldn't ever belong, or shape the world around them, had taken hold. I had no road map or template to follow in trying to prove those messages wrong. I started believing them. Only a year ago, for various reasons, I wasn't sure I could carry on doing this. I had a realisation through some really tough moments that we have no control in this life. And it got me down, but then, seeing no other way forwards, I had to embrace this helplessness, and through it, rediscover a sense of childishness, and of play. Finally, at that point I stopped doing and making things to prove myself to others, and started doing things for my younger self. The work I have been a part of for the last 11years in film and music, including this year from Englistan, The Night Of, Swet Shop Boys, The Good Immigrant, Star Wars, Bourne, to the OA - I have been privileged to stand on the shoulders of giants. I cannot be more grateful to those who have allowed me to be a part of their vision and those who were kind enough to watch, listen, read, and notice. It's been a crazy ride and I hope I can continue to justify your support. I'm incredibly grateful for this moment in time. Walking off Jimmy's chat show that night, I felt about as cool as I did in this photo age 7. But the best part of it wasn't feeling cool, it was feeling like a kid. Keep your inner child alive. Keep dreaming.

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Dans une longue publication sur Instagram, Riz Ahmed revient sur une année phénoménale. Rogue One est présentement en tête du box-office américain, tandis que la trame sonore de Hamilton - à laquelle il a également participé - tient la première position du palmarès Billboard des 200 albums les plus vendus. L'acteur vient également de recevoir une nomination aux Golden Globes pour son rôle dans la mini-série The Night Of.

Comme si ce n'était pas assez, son livre The Good Immigrant a été voté "Meilleur livre britannique de l'année" et le duo hip-hop dont il fait partie, Swet Shop Boys, a reçu de nombreuses accolades en 2016.

Si certains ont trouvé l'année 2016 difficile, ce n'est clairement pas le cas de Riz Ahmed!


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