Hors des sentiers battus : 7 escapades exigeantes qui valent le détour

The idyllic Saguenay Fjord Park, In Quebec Canada.
The idyllic Saguenay Fjord Park, In Quebec Canada.

Une bonne raison de partir en escapade hors des sentiers battus est la satisfaction que l’on retire de l’avoir complétée. C’est peut-être un peu moins reposant, mais tellement plus satisfaisant d’un point de vue physique et émotionnel; une chose de moins sur votre liste de choses à faire avant de mourir et une anecdote de plus à raconter.

Voici quelques idées d’endroits à explorer hors des sentiers battus dans une escapade digne d’une aventure qui n’est pas à la portée de tous.

1. Chic Choc Mountains, QC
Located in the northern part of Quebec, the Gaspé peninsula is breathtaking, as well as challenging. Simply getting there seems like a huge task, but it’s worth it nonetheless to get lost in the beautiful and diverse greenery and mountain views. The Chic Choc Mountains (a Mi’kmaq term) is part of the Appalachian Mountain range and found in Gaspésie National Park.
2. King’s Point, NFLD
By The Sea Resort
Newfoundland is an outdoor lover’s dream. Featuring such varying and captivating views of the Atlantic Ocean and cliff hills to Gros Morne National Park all in one place, it is sometimes hard to forget that it isn’t a dream place. Central Newfoundland often gets forgotten in the hubbub of travel and adventure. The Alexander Murray Hiking Trail, located near King’s Point, is constructed with a new set of stairs for visitors but that doesn’t make it much easier. They are steep to climb up or down but the trail features views of three different waterfalls and 600-foot gorge.
3. Saguenay Fjord, QC
Did you even know that there is a fjord in Quebec? The Saguenay Fjord is a wondrous, colossal sight where you can discover such beauty in coastal and mountain landscapes all in one place. It sits on the eastern part of the province, part of the Saguenay National Park, where the Saguenay River joins the St. Lawrence Marine Park.
4. Les Sentiers de l’Estrie, QC
Tourisme Cantons-de-l'Est
Les Sentiers de l’Estrie in Quebec is a southeastern hiking trail located in the Sherbrooke region that borders on the Vermont border. It connects several peaks over 2000 ft. that must be a glory to see. It requires a membership but the beautiful natural backdrop is worth it.
5. Canol Heritage Trail, NWT
If you’re looking for an adventure, this is certainly it—remote, gorgeous scenery in one of the truest wilderness experiences this country has to offer. The Canol Heritage Trail runs 350 km from the N.W.T. border to Norman Wells and takes 20 days to complete. Are you ready?
6. Sunshine Village, AB to Mt. Assiniboine, BC.
This bit of rough land is only accessible by foot or helicopter. Running 56 km, the trail from Sunshine Village, AB to Mt. Assiniboine, BC features mountain views, alpine meadows and an assortment of animals like elk.
7. Fundy Trail, New Brunswick
This east coast gem is a truly one of the last of its kind in North America. The Fundy Trail is one of the rare remaining coastal wilderness areas left on the eastern seaboard. It has ample opportunity for off-the-path adventures that can lead you into more forested areas or perhaps off to its sandy beach.