Anthony Morgan
Born to parents of Jamaican heritage, Anthony Morgan is a bilingual Canadian who was born and raised in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Currently based in the GTA, Anthony enjoys thinking, publicly speaking and blogging about Canadian social and political affairs, Caribbean diaspora politics and the politics of Canadian multiculturalism. In the summer of 2013 he authored The Universal Charter of Media Representations of Black Peoples . The Charter was drafted as a tool for public education and awareness on the impact of the media on Black lives and experiences, as well as a tool for community organizing and advocacy against all forms of anti-Black biases and racism in the media.

In addition to holding an LL.B and B.C.L. from McGill University, Faculty of Law, he holds an Hons. BA from the University of Toronto in Ethics, Society & Law.
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La grève et les minorités

(39) Commentaires | Publication 28 mars 2012 | 01:23

Ça fait maintenant plus de cinq semaines que la grève étudiante a commencé au Québec. Force est de constater que le mouvement a grandi à un point tel qu'on le nomme le « printemps érable» dans certains cercles. Ce que les étudiants font est important et louable, mais en tant...

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