Le conseil municipal de Whitehorse est la prochaine superproduction de l’été... sur la chaîne communautaire Cable 9.

Probablement réalisée de manière humoristique, il s’agit sans doute de la bande-annonce la plus absurde de toute l’histoire canadienne.

Sur fond de musique dramatique, on y voit défiler les images les plus banales des conseillers municipaux. Ces derniers semblent entretenir des conversations passionnantes…

À 0 :24, vous retiendrez votre souffle alors que lorsque le maire Dan Curtis se vante d’avoir trouvé 15 000$ de plus pour subventionner un musée.

Les internautes s’en sont donnés à cœur joie et un utilisateur du populaire site Reddit en a même fait une nouvelle version sur une différente musique.

Pour les prochaines interprétations, nous nous permettons de suggérer ceci, ceci, ceci et cela. Imaginez un moment ce que l’on pourrait faire avec Montréal.

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  • Budweiser: Flash Fans

    Arguably the most buzzworthy Canadian commercial of the year, this Budweiser spot that aired on Canadian stations during SuperBowl XLVI featured two Toronto-area amateur league hockey teams who were told they were being filmed for a documentary. Instead, the filmmakers got a flash mob to show up to the game, dressed in team colours, to throw confetti and cheer on the local teams. The end result was an ad that convincingly looked like a highlight reel from an NHL game. The video went viral in the U.S. and around the world.

  • Whistler Film Festival: Princess (GRAPHIC LANGUAGE)

    Made by Vancouver's Dare agency, this promo for the Whistler Film Festival looks like a genuine Pixar CGI cartoon, right up until the end, when the video takes a seriously gangsta turn....

  • Canadian Paralympic Committee: Unstoppable

    Made for the 2012 Paralympic Games, this ad features a disabled runner making his way past wheelchairs, emergency vehicles and an accident scene, before breaking away into a fast run. It's an inspiring metaphor for people's ability to overcome challenges, and one of HuffPost's most totally favourite ads of the year.

  • Zellers: Zeddy Gets Laid Off

    Zellers is going out of business, but at least it's doing it with humour. In this ad, one of a series on the same theme, store mascot Zeddy is driven out into the woods and informed his services are no longer needed.

  • Shaw: Car Chase

    This ad for Shaw Cable's on-demand movie service has viewers strapped into the middle of high-octane action sequences. A silly but noticeable way to get the message across that your movie service puts the audience "in the heart of the action."

  • Heart & Stroke Foundation: The Undeading

    Is receiving CPR like becoming a zombie? We certainly hope not, but that's the amusing premise of this Heart & Stroke Foundation public service video, which shows a woman suffering a heart attack during a zombie invasion, only to be revived by the zombies ... and then attacked by them again. We'll overlook the conceptual confusion here and applaud the ad's eye-catching production values and the useful tidbits about carrying out CPR.

  • Maynards Mouth Chase: Fishing

    Candy maker Maynards produced a series of ads called "Mouth Chase" in which a man in a mouth costume chases people in various random situations. The ads combine intentionally low-quality amateurish video with a dramatic, cinematic soundtrack to produce a uniquely bizarre effect.

  • Astral: In Between Odds

    Astral Media wanted to show off its efforts to support the Canadian film and TV industry, so they made this mockumentary featuring a filmmaker who is suffering from an unfortunately flattened nose due to doors being repeatedly closed in his face. A subtle bit of humour, but it gets the point across.


    This intense, at times disturbing ad made for the non-profit group War Child Canada shows a battle breaking out in some unidentified African civil war. As the battle rages, gun clips turn into crayons and bullets into bubbles. "Where childhood thrives, war does not," the ad concludes. Powerful stuff.

  • Sick Kids Hospital: Pain Squad

    This promo video outlines how Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children managed to get child cancer patients to keep track of their treatment-related pain. The hospital built an app called "Pain Squad" that "recruits" kids into becoming part of "a special police force dedicated to hunting down pain." As far as promo videos go, it doesn't get much more touching than this.

  • McDonald's: Our Food, Your Questions

    McDonald's Canada deserves kudos for coming up with a unique approach to selling its product this year: Telling customers the truth about it. The fast food chain ran a series of online and TV ads this year, answering challenging questions from customers. In this video, McDonald's explains why their hamburgers look a lot better in ads than they do in real life.

  • Tourism Commission: Canada Shared by Canadians

    The Canadian Tourism Commission issued a call-out to the public to send them their video footage of Canada. They took the submissions and boiled them down to these two minutes of awesomeness. Canada has never looked better, or more fun.

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  • Double Double

    <strong>WHAT IT MEANS:</strong> A Double Double refers to a coffee (often from Tim Hortons) with two creams and two sugars. <strong>IN A SENTENCE:</strong> "Yes, hi, I'd like to order a Double Double."

  • Gut-Foundered

    <strong>WHAT IT MEANS:</strong> When food, however unappealing it is, is all you <a href="http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2013/05/10/newfoundland-tourism-video-gutfoundered_n_3254578.html" target="_blank">crave at the end of the day. Or, you're just very hungry.</a> <strong>IN A SENTENCE:</strong> “Your mind wanders when it’s gut-foundered. Is it going to be take-out? Is it going to be pizza?”

  • Shit-Kickers

    <strong>WHAT IT MEANS:</strong>Shit-Kickers are nicknames for cowboy boots. Hee Haw! <strong>IN A SENTENCE:</strong> "I can't go to the Calgary Stampede without my shit-kickers."

  • Kitty-Corner

    <strong>WHAT IT MEANS:</strong> Something that is in a diagonal direction from something else. <strong>IN A SENTENCE:</strong> "The grocery store is kitty-corner to the school."

  • Chinook

    <strong>WHAT IT MEANS:</strong> A warm wind that blows east over the Canadian Rockies, warming up Calgary in the winter. <strong>IN A SENTENCE:</strong> "This chinook is giving me a headache."

  • Darts

    <strong>WHAT IT MEANS:</strong> A slang term for cigarettes <strong>IN A SENTENCE:</strong> "Get your darts out."

  • Stagette

    <strong>WHAT IT MEANS:</strong> Stagette is another name for bachelorette party. <strong>IN A SENTENCE:</strong> "Are you heading out to that stagette this weekend? There's going to be a stripper."

  • Cowtown

    <strong>WHAT IT MEANS:</strong> Cowtown is a nickname for Calgary. <strong>IN A SENTENCE:</strong> "I've been living in Cowtown my entire life."

  • Gitch/Gotch

    <strong>WHAT IT MEANS:</strong> Another name for underwear used mainly in Saskatchewan and Manitoba and often referring to men's or boys' briefs. A gotch refers to women's underwear. <strong>IN A SENTENCE:</strong> "Pull your pants up, I can see your gitch."

  • Bedlamer

    <strong>WHAT IT MEANS:</strong> According to the Dictionary of Newfoundland, a bedlamer is a <a href="http://www.heritage.nf.ca/dictionary/azindex/pages/291.html" target="_blank">seal that is not yet mature.</a> <strong>IN A SENTENCE:</strong> "This harp seal is giving me a hard time, it's such a bedlamer."

  • Toque

    <strong>WHAT IT MEANS:</strong> A toque is a hat most people wear during winter months. And sometimes, you will see this hat reappear in the summer. <strong>IN A SENTENCE:</strong> "Listen son, don't go out into this weather without your toque."

  • Matrimonial Cake

    <strong>WHAT IT MEANS:</strong> No, no one is getting married. In Western Canada, a matrimonial cake is another term for a date square or tart. <strong>IN A SENTENCE:</strong> "I wish this coffee shop had matrimonial cakes."

  • Rink Rat

    <strong>WHAT IT MEANS:</strong> Someone who loves spending time on an ice rink. <strong>IN A SENTENCE:</strong> "I can't get any ice time, I have to deal with all these rink rats."

  • Homo Milk

    <strong>WHAT IT MEANS:</strong> Slang for homogenized whole milk, but shockingly, this term is actually used on milk packaging. <strong>IN A SENTENCE:</strong> "When you go to the grocery store, don't forget to pick up the homo milk."

  • Two-Four

    <strong>WHAT IT MEANS:</strong> Common slang for a case of 24 beers. <strong>IN A SENTENCE:</strong> "Are you heading to the beer store? Pick me up a 2-4 of Molson."

  • Pencil Crayon

    <strong>WHAT IT MEANS:</strong> The Canadian way of saying coloured pencil. <strong>IN A SENTENCE:</strong> "Do you have a pencil crayon in that pencil case?"

  • Pop

    <strong>WHAT IT MEANS:</strong> Another word for soda. <strong>IN A SENTENCE:</strong> "That can of pop has 200 calories."

  • Washroom

    <strong>WHAT IT MEANS:</strong> Another word for bathroom or restroom. <strong>IN A SENTENCE:</strong> "This washroom doesn't have any toilet paper."

  • Whaddya At

    <strong>WHAT IT MEANS:</strong> Slang for "what are you doing" in Newfoundland. <strong>IN A SENTENCE:</strong> "Did you just get in? Whaddya at?"

  • Mickey

    <strong>WHAT IT MEANS:</strong> For the most part, a mickey is a flask-sized (or 375 ml) bottle of hard liqueur, but on the East Coast, a mickey is an airplane-sized bottle. <strong>IN A SENTENCE:</strong> "We're going out tonight, can someone grab a mickey."

  • Zed

    <strong>WHAT IT MEANS:</strong> Not a slang term, but this is how Canadians pronounce the letter "Z". Not zee.

  • Deke

    <strong>WHAT IT MEANS:</strong> A hockey (surprise, surprise) technique when a player gets past their opponent by "faking it." It can also be used to replace the world detour. <strong>IN A SENTENCE:</strong> "I am going to deke into the store after work."

  • Hydro

    <strong>WHAT IT MEANS:</strong> Hydro refers to electricity, particularly on your energy bill. <strong>IN A SENTENCE:</strong> "My hydro bill went up $10 this month."

  • Toonie

    <strong>WHAT IT MEANS:</strong> A toonie is a $2 Canadian coin, which followed the cue of the loonie (named after the image of the aquatic bird that graces the $1 coin). <strong>IN A SENTENCE:</strong> "Hey buddy, can I borrow a toonie? I need to get a Double Double (see the next slide)."

  • Mountie

    <strong>WHAT IT MEANS:</strong> A mountie is a nickname for a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. <strong>IN A SENTENCE:</strong> "Stop speeding, a mountie will catch you."

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