Plusieurs milliers d’internautes signalaient aujourd’hui sur Twitter qu’une version piratée du nouvel album du groupe Daft Punk était disponible en ligne. Ce téléchargement pirate donne toutefois accès à des pistes audio de faible qualité.

L’album «Random Access Memories» marquait le retour du groupe house et électro sur la scène musicale. Il est maintenant possible d'écouter et d’acheter l’album complet sur iTunes.

Voici les réactions sur des internautes compilées par nos collègues du Huffington Post États-Unis :

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    Want to listen to the new Daft Punk album but I don't want to listen to a leak. First world problems.

  • Dirty South

    Just curious, how many people will buy the Daft Punk album after getting the leak today? 47% of 60% of the people? or everybody?

  • Richard lean

    RT @dirtysouth: Just curious, how many people will buy the Daft Punk album after getting the leak today? 47% of 60% of the people? or everybody?

  • Jasmine Yu 혜진

    daft punk random access memories leak.

  • Daniel Jordan

    Yes I'm so happy I preordered Daft Punk's album and waited three months so it could LEAK A WEEK BEFORE THE FUCKING RELEASE

  • Luke Ross

    that yung daft punk leak squad gang crew. spiky guitars, funky basslines, and robot voices, like they never left @Daniel_Tucker_M @dakisbak

  • Joe Butler

    daft punk leak, do i or do i not download?

  • Seong Lee

    Why did I have to find out about that Daft Punk leak right in the middle of a project. GOD DAMN IT I AINT GETTING SHIT DONE

  • Daggeto


  • Katherine

    explained to my 6th hour that we were all going to listen critically to the daft punk leak while we worked. #teacheroftheyear right?

  • Matthew Robinson

    Listening to the Daft Punk album's like the 70s and the 80s had sex with the future

  • Jacob Dyer

    Man, today was pretty okay, but this Daft Punk leak has made it turn into something amazing.

  • ▲SΛM▲

    Dammit why did Daft Punk have to leak during exams? I'm gonna get noooo work done

  • Ian B

    Bad time to leak an album if you're not Daft Punk.

  • Sam Kates

    Well played, Daft Punk. Album leaks. Leak links taken down. Album streaming anyway on iTunes.

  • edwin...

    Am I the only one who ain't as exited as the #RAM album leak! I mean yeah daft punk are awesome, but meh 💁! #judge me

  • ack

    people saying "i downloaded RAM" is the best thing about the daft punk leak

  • Wipe Me Down

    i'm really waiting for Daft Punk's RAM to leak like i'm checking every 6 hours

  • JayXx

    Whaat Daft Punk leak already?!

  • Rob Vawter

    Today is officially LeakDay, w/ Daft Punk's iTunes #getleaky , PS4's fake "leak" & Chris Leak getting added to Gators' coaching staff. #fb

  • jenn

    is the daft punk leak like 12 kps because i can wait

  • Xavier Røggen

    Props to Daft Punk doing the album they like, not the album people expect #leak

  • Andrius Baranauskas

    This is how you counter album leak. Daft Punk album available for free listening at

  • Mitch Anderson

    Don't have iTunes on my work computer, so can't confirm. But apparently Daft Punk's new album is now streaming: