Chaque semaine, nos collègues de chez Stylelist s'amusent à compiler les pires faux pas vestimentaires chez les célébrités.

Cette semaine, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj et Christina Hendricks, entre autres, ont mérité leur place dans la liste des stars les moins bien habillées. Avouez que vous êtes curieux(ses) de voir ce que ces starlettes vous ont réservé.

Délectez-vous de la galerie photos de nos collègues chez Stylelist. Le texte est en anglais, mais après tout, on aime ce genre de galerie pour les photos, non?

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  • Lady Gaga

    It looks like Lady Gaga is taking a page out of Michael Jackson's style book. But instead of looking like the King of Pop, Gaga looks like she's in costume, and an unattractive one at that. The broad shoulders create a weird inverted triangle on her body. New York, August 19th Photo Credit: Getty

  • Brittany Snow

    We love the silhouette of this dress on the "Pitch Perfect" actress, but the color is completely washing her out. Had she worn an ensemble in the same vibrant color as her clutch, she easily could have been on the best-dressed list. West Hollywood, August 14th Photo Credit: Getty

  • Vanessa Hudgens

    Hudgens' braided hair, combined with her heavy dress, make her look like Medusa. The black and gold dress is simply too embellished and overwhelming for her petite stature. Beverly Hills, August 15th Photo Credit: Getty

  • Christina Milian

    The singer chose a bad material for her dress. The shiny burgundy leather is a little hard on the eyes and clashes with her two-toned hair color. Los Angeles, August 16th Photo Credit: Getty

  • Rita Ora

    Rita Ora, we know that animal print is always in style, but a head-to-toe animal print sweatsuit isn't. Chelmsford, August 18th Photo Credit: Getty

  • Rebecca Hall

    Hall's top mimics a straitjacket the way it fits (and pulls) across the arms. And we're also not fans of her knee-length skirt with those nude boots -- both are cutting off her leg at an awkward spot, making her look shorter. New York, August 19th Photo Credit: Getty

  • Julia Stiles

    The "Closed Circuit" actress fell victim to a bad print and frumpy silhouette. Even with a belt, the dress has no shape and doesn't accentuate Stiles' figure. New York, August 19th Photo Credit: Getty

  • Cate Blanchett

    We want to love everything the "Blue Jasmine" star wears, but this floor-length dress is not doing anything for her creamy complexion. We wish she had shown a little skin to break up the overly sweet orange hue. Sydney, August 20th Photo Credit: Getty

  • Maria Sharapova

    We're not exactly sure what material Sharapova's dress is made out of (plastic perhaps?), but one thing is for sure, it looks waterproof, which is always something you want in a red carpet dress... or not. New York, August 20th Photo Credit: Getty

  • Brooke Burke

    This "Dancing With the Stars" winner has talent, but when it comes to getting dressed, she could use some help. Her drop crotch and shiny pants are creating extra bulk around her nether regions, while her grey fedora looks like it belongs in a 2002 Janet Jackson video. West Hollywood, August 21st Photo Credit: Getty

  • Kelly Osbourne

    Tacky '80s prom, anyone? Hollywood, August 1st Photo Credit: Getty

  • Aisha Taylor

    The issue with Tyler's dress is the cut. The length of her frock isn't flattering, as it's cutting off at the widest part of her thigh, and those chunky heels are shortening her leg. Hollywood, August 1st Photo Credit: Getty

  • Emma Roberts

    The top half of Roberts' dress is beautiful, but she loses us down below. The mullet train is too voluminous, and the material resembles a garbage bag. Had she just stuck to the cute short skirt, this could have been best-dressed material. New York, August 1st Photo Credit: Getty

  • Cat Deeley

    The television host's top is confusing us. Is it a bathing suit? Is it a turtleneck? We're not really sure. Hollywood, August 1st Photo Credit: Getty

  • Holland Roden

    Everything in moderation -- floral included. Hollywood, August 1st Photo Credit: Getty

  • Ciara

    Though a graphic print dress can be an exciting way to liven up a look, the print is crucial to its success. We're not sure we'd ever want to be walking down the red carpet with the words "motel" scrawled across our bodies. Las Vegas, August 2nd Photo Credit: Getty

  • Tara Reid

    We really love neon for the summer, but head-to-toe fluorescent coral can easily skew tacky. We also wish she had opted for a bit more coverage up top and a different hemline. She is on the red carpet and this dress looks more appropriate for the beach. Los Angeles, August 2nd Photo Credit: Getty

  • Alyssa Milano

    The actress' jumpsuit is a little wrinkled and that, combined with her bouffant, neon pumps and cut-outs, adds up to one distracting outfit. Hollywood, August 1st Photo Credit: Getty

  • Chloë Grace Moretz

    We were totally confused when we saw Moretz in this outfit, as she is usually a total style maven. But this week, her boxy pinstripe suit looked more like something she pulled out of her dad's closet rather than haute couture. London, August 5th Photo Credit: Getty

  • Minka Kelly

    Kelly chose the wrong print on her maxi dress, as it is making her look wider than she actually is. New York, August 5th Photo Credit: Getty

  • Sarah Hyland

    The "Modern Family" star attempted to wear an avant-garde dress, but she fell a little short. The tacked-on embellishments on her sleeves are perplexing, while that massive key hole looks like a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. Los Angeles, August 5th Photo Credit: Getty

  • Selena Gomez

    Though we don't mind the crop top on the singer, it's her pants that lose us. Baggy leather pants are never okay... and hardly do her figure justice (we think she's been taking too many fashion tips from Bieber). New York, July 26th Photo Credit: Getty

  • Rita Ora

    When wearing neon, it's important to keep the rest of the look simple. Here, Ora made the mistake of pairing her loud outfit with stark white thigh-high boots, pigtails and bright red lipstick, completely overloading our senses. London, July 25th Photo Credit: Getty

  • Zosia Mamet

    Poor Zosia! We want to love everything she wears, but this look is making it tough. Between her printed top, satin shorts and matching shoes, there is too much going on. Montauk, July 26th Photo Credit: Getty

  • Ashley Tisdale

    It's as if Perry and Tisdale were in cahoots this week! Ashley's frock reminds of us of "The Little Mermaid" (perhaps it has something to do with the shells on the bust area), while her chunky black boots don't jive with the delicate dress. Universal City, July 26th Photo Credit: Getty

  • Katy Perry

    While attending the "Smurfs 2" premiere in LA, Katy Perry looked... well, a lot like a smurf. We understand the kitschy intention behind her ensemble, but the top of her dress resembles something a figure skater might wear, and her blue shoes render the look cartoonish. Los Angeles, July 28th Photo Credit: Getty

  • Tilda Swinton

    The British actress cloaked herself in an unflattering silhouette (it's impossible to see her shape under all the fabric) and an off-putting shade of brown. Seoul, July 29th Photo Credit: Getty

  • Lady Gaga

    Leather + Cut-outs + Sheer + An Exposed Bra = Overkill. New York, July 27th Photo Credit: Getty

  • Rachel Bilson

    We adore this short hemline on the petite "Hart of Dixie" star, but the dress itself looks like a kindergarten project gone wrong. The sequins appear as though they were haphazardly applied, making her look sloppy. Los Angeles, July 29th Photo Credit: Getty

  • Tyra Banks

    Tyra's cup runneth over (or should we say cups?), making us too distracted to look at the rest of her ensemble. This much cleavage should never appear on the red carpet. Los Angeles, July 29th Photo Credit: Getty

  • Sharon Osborne

    Unless Osbourne is getting ready to walk down the aisle, this dress is not appropriate. Los Angeles, July 29th Photo Credit: Getty

  • Amanda Seyfried

    Usually a red carpet favorite, "The Big Wedding" star didn't hit the mark this week. The color palette she chose completely washed her out. New York, July 30th Photo Credit: Getty

  • Rachel Bilson

    We expect better from you, Rachel Bilson. All the earthy tones in this look are washing out the "Hart of Dixie" star's complexion and those suede shoes are hardly flattering -- they are actually breaking up the look and making her look shorter. San Diego, July 28th Photo Credit: Getty

  • Jennifer Lopez

    J.Lo made the mistake of picking a dress that is too busy. The pattern on her frock is metallic overload, especially when paired with those silver pumps and flashy jewelry. Miami, July 28th Photo Credit: Getty

  • Rihanna

    Wearing head-to-toe animal print makes you look, well, like an animal. Or like you're dressing up as one for Halloween. London, July 19th Photo Credit: Getty

  • Jennifer Morrison

    We are major fans of power clashing, but not in this case. The pattern, combined with the cut, reminds us of a table cloth. Morrison should have shorten the hemline or opted for another silhouette. San Diego, July 20th Photo Credit: Getty

  • Ashley Roberts

    This dress is too short and ill-fitting. It's bunching in all the wrong places and making her ensemble look sloppy. London, July 21st Photo Credit: Getty

  • Ginnifer Goodwin

    This pine green mullet dress is not becoming on Goodwin. The shift style is giving her no shape and all the ruffle detailing at the back is adding extra bulk. San Diego, July 20th Photo Credit: Getty

  • Solange Knowles

    Solange is usually the queen of cool, but here her look just doesn't come together. The slit on her skirt is dangerously high and we aren't huge fans of her bulky top or clunky bow platforms. New York, July 22nd Photo Credit: Getty

  • Ginnifer Goodwin

    The "Electric City" star is having a tough week. There is something about this dress that is reminding us of an apron. Maybe's it's the color, oversized fit or pockets, but one thing is for sure, it does not belong on the red carpet. San Diego, July 20th Photo Credit: Getty

  • Cate Blanchett

    We want to love this look, but can't. The top half resembles a cape (which is a little confusing on the red carpet) and it looks like moss is growing out the bottom half. New York, July 22nd Photo Credit: Getty

  • Heidi Klum

    A long silk black jumpsuit in the middle of summer hardly seems like an appropriate choice. Not only does Klum look like she's sweating bullets, but that material was not meant to withstand this heat. Just look at all those wrinkles! New York, July 23rd Photo Credit: Getty

  • Aubrey Plaza

    There are a few issues with Plaza's dress. First of all, the material and color aren't doing her any favors (it looks like she wrapped herself in paper towel). But the biggest problem here is fit. The dress is too big in the bust area and not tight enough in the bodice. Los Angeles, July 23rd Photo Credit: Getty

  • Jennifer Hawkins

    We're not exactly sure what's going on in the bust area, but all we know is her girls are begging for more coverage. This has wardrobe malfunction written all over it. Sydney, July 25th Photo Credit: Getty

  • Rita Ora

    There's a whole lot going on here. Between the sheen on her matching pants and bomber jacket, the belly-baring top and the visor hat, we're not sure if she's going to teach a jazz class or audition for "A Night at the Roxbury." London, July 11th Photo Credit: Getty

  • Hayley Atwell

    The "Restless" star mistakenly combined too many elements in one dress. The head-to-toe sequins, plunging neckline and sheer detailing are all muddling the look. London, July 10th Photo Credit: Getty

  • Olivia Munn

    Although we admire Munn's minimalist approach, the simplicity of her look is ruined by the wrinkles in her dress. We are also a little confused by the weird piece of lace connecting the straps on her frock (we have a feeling this new trend won't catch on). Los Angeles, July 10th Photo Credit: Getty

  • Ke$ha

    We're not sure why Ke$Ha opted for such an extreme outfit on a hot summer day. Head-to-toe black hardly seems like a smart choice for the heat, while her sheer top and thigh-highs are making the entire ensemble look costume-y. London, July 12th Photo Credit: Getty

  • Teri Hatcher

    This dress easily could have gone on the best-dressed list without the sheer paneling. Not only is it competing with the graphic print on her dress, but it's also revealing a little too much cleavage. London, July 14th Photo Credit: Getty

  • Jennifer Lopez

    2002 called and they want their sweatsuit back. London, July 14th Photo Credit: Getty

  • Sanya Richards-Ross

    Knee-high gladiator sandals quickly become the focus of any outfit, so everything else should be kept rather simple. But here, the Olympic track and field gold medalist went for a very busy print that distracted us from her cool shoes. New York, July 15th Photo Credit: Getty